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Upcoming Events

Spaghetti Lunch/ Dinner:

Thursday, September 7th

Lunch 12 to 2 pm

Dinner 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Next Meeting Date:

September 5th

Executive Board

Laura E. Goodrich, Chariman

Josephine M. Laird, Vice Chairman

Carol J. Miller, Treasurer

Nancy E. Bowden, Recording Secretary

Suzanne Hoffman, Corresponding Secretary

Our Mission

The Committee is founded to promote the unconditional administration of government upon Republican principles and specifically:

A.  To act as a clearing house for Republican Women’s activities and to provide a center for political education,  legislative information, and practical political activity.

B.  To increase the number of women registered in the Republican Party and to unite their efforts along party lines.

C.  To secure equal representation for women with men on state and county committees within the party throughout the State.

D.  To encourage qualified Republican women to run for public office and support their candidacies.

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