We are excited to announce that today Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon received the Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission's top rating for judicial candidates of "Highly Recommended." Here's what the JEC had to say about Judge Fizzano Cannon:


Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon
Rating: Highly Recommended

The candidate has since 2012 served as a judge on the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas where she heads the civil trial section overseeing both civil and equity matters. At the same time, she has served as pretrial judge, responsible for deciding more than 800 motions and petitions. Having graduated from law school with honors, the candidate has continued her legal scholarship by lecturing extensively throughout the commonwealth on various areas of law. The candidate's legal writing is clear, concise and thorough. Her courtroom demeanor has earned the respect of her colleagues as well as that of the attorneys and litigants who appear before her. The candidate's extensive civic activities add depth to her illustrious legal career. The commission believes that the candidate would perform admirably as a judge on the Commonwealth Court and highly recommends her candidacy.

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