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Letter: This President has done absolutely nothing for the middle class!

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Sen. Toomey spoke on the Senate floor in support of our law enforcement officers.  He also announced he would be teaming up with Sen. Casey to offer Pell grant scholarships to the children of cops, firefighters, and veterans who make the ultimate sacrifice serving in uniform.

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Congratulations to our 2015 Endorsed Republican Candidates

Jack Whelan for District Attorney
John P. McBlain for County Council
Colleen P. Morrone for County Council
Mike Culp for County Council
Anthony D. Scanlon for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
Margaret J. Amoroso for Judge of the Common Pleas
Dominic Pileggi for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

Call republican headquarters (610) 566-9375 if you can circulate Petitions

Voter Fraud Plea For Delco Dem Candidate

-Vince Rongione 

Delco Democrat Vince Rongione strikes plea deal following charges that he falsely registered to vote at a bogus residency in order to run for the state legislature

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Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Ronald Reagan's optimism played a pivotal role in his success

“Ronald Reagan was, of course, a conservative and a free marketer. He also was a remarkable optimist, so much so that opponents sometimes ridiculed him. “Over the years, I've been described as an inveterate optimist, an eternal optimist, a reflexive optimist — a born optimist, a canny optimist, a cagey optimist — even as defiantly optimistic,” Reagan once quipped. “It just goes to show there's no word that cannot be turned into a pejorative if the pundits work hard enough at it.” Reagan's optimism was particularly on display in economic policy, and most notably his historic 1981 tax cuts. As one Reagan adviser told Time magazine during the lingering recession of 1982-83, when the tax cuts seemed slow in sparking the economy, “He is absolutely convinced that there will be a big recovery. ... He is an optimist. My God is he an optimist!”

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